[Chimera-users] disulfide bonds ?

Marek Maly marek.maly at ujep.cz
Mon Jul 14 08:57:28 PDT 2014


I just visualized my Amber MD trajectory with protein containing
several disulfide bonds. These bonds as well as all the other bonds are
written in the given Amber topology (*.prmtop) file, which is read in
by Chimera. Moreover the distance of sulfur atoms connected by disulfide  
is in all cases quite reasonable ( 2-2.1 A). In spite these facts Chimera
draws some of those bonds in "stick" and some of them in "dashed line"  
even if one sets globally "stick" or "ball & stick" representation.
Please see the attached illustrations.

Why Chimera is doing such unwanted differences in graphical  
representations here ?

It is possible, to force Chimera to draw all of those bonds unanimously in  
representation ?

    Thank you in advance for your help,

          Best wishes,

                Marek Maly

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