[Chimera-users] Symmetry-aware segmentation?

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Thu Feb 13 11:22:25 PST 2014

Hi Joel,

  Chimera does not do segmentation that respects map symmetry.  I have talked about that with Greg Pintilie, the author of the Segger (aka Segment Map) segmentation tool in Chimera.

  For subdividing a segment, you can do that by selecting the segmentation surface and using the Ungroup button on the Segment Map dialog.  There is a limit to how small the regions can be that Segment Map (aka Segger) will make -- a region with just one local maximum cannot be subdivided by this tool.  The basic method of that tool is to combine regions around each local maximum in the map.


On Feb 12, 2014, at 6:33 PM, Joel Meyerson  wrote:

> Is it possible for Chimera to segment with an awareness of symmetry, such that the collection of segments in the asymmetric units are identical? For example, a molecule with C2 symmetry would have two copies of each segment.
> Also, is it possible to select a segment and then have Chimera further sub-divide that segment into additional segments?
> Thanks,
> Joel
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