[Chimera-users] ellipsoid main axis alignment ?

Hugo J Bohorquez Hugo.J.Bohorquez at FIDIC.org.co
Thu Apr 3 11:31:21 PDT 2014

I am writing a script in python for generating a series of ellipses linking
the nuclei a molecule.

Every ellipsoid should be positioned at a specific location *P* = (X,Y,Z)
and should be aligned with the orthonormal vectors describing its main
directions-*A*, *B*, *C*.

However, when I create an ellipsoid with shape_command it gets located
correctly at *P* but it is aligned with the global axis.
I can't find a general way to reorient  an object so its original axes
point along the vectors  *A*, *B*, and *C*.
I will appreciate any suggestion how to do it.


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*The Pauli energy grows exponentially with the electronic localisation
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