[Chimera-users] Resolution of .stl file of ribbon representatiom

Gavin Whittaker g.whittaker at ed.ac.uk
Thu Apr 3 02:48:12 PDT 2014

Dear all,

    I'm in the process of 3d printing a large protein in ribbon format;  
I've generated the .stl file, but the resolution of the mesh that 
Chimera creates means that the resulting file is too large to use 
easily.  I've managed to use other software to reduce the resolution of 
the mesh, so I /can/ now get around the problem, but can anyone tell me 
if it's possible to reduce the resolution of the mesh in Chimera to save 
me a step for future models?

   I know how to reduce the resolution of a surface mesh, but files of 
ribbon representations remain obstinately large.  One method I've used 
that gives limited results is to simplify the cross-sectional form of 
the ribbon, but I wonder, am I missing something obvious and more 


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