[Chimera-users] Issues with characters on command line (OS X 10.9)

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Nov 14 10:49:14 PST 2013

If copy/paste works, then you can use an alias to create a somewhat-less-painful work around.  Namely:

alias ^/ ~

With that alias in place, "/ " (note the space) at the beginning of a line becomes the equivalent of a ~.  For example, "/ rib" would undo ribbons.  Chimera automatically remembers start-of-line aliases so you don't have to create the alias every time you use Chimera.  You don't have to use the '/' character necessarily either (and it could be multiple characters for that matter), though you would want to avoid semi-colon (command separator)!

If you need to use the tilde in the middle of a command (probably as part of an atom spec) then maybe instead you would want a "normal" alias, perhaps:

alias tilde ~

Then "tilde show tilde ligand" would hide non-ligand atomic structure.  Something more succinct than "tilde" would probably be better ("td"?).  The drawback is that normal aliases are not automatically remembered (though they are preserved if you save a session).  To get them to exist when you start Chimera you would want to go to Favorites->Preferences, choose the Command Line category, and either put the alias in one of the files listed in "File to read at startup" or add another file to that list that has the alias in it.  Also, you don't need copy/paste of the tilde to work to use this approach.


On Nov 14, 2013, at 6:14 AM, Mario Dejung <chimera.maillist at dejung.net> wrote:

> Hi Andreas,
> have you tried copy/paste the character from somewhere, for example Terminal, to the command line? I have “the same” problem with German keyboard layout. I am not able to type the ~ character within the command line of Chimera… But with copy paste, the character is visible and it works… Not a good workaround… by the way…
> Mario
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