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吕柯 lvke at sibs.ac.cn
Sun May 12 02:24:23 PDT 2013

Dear Sir./Madam,

I am a graduate student in Chinese Academy of Sciences.

I have two PDB files: one for virus(4 chains, PDB:3VBS), the other for empty particle(3 chains, PDB:3VBU).

I would like to use Morph Conformations to make movie for that. However, it turns out "Can not interpolate models: models have different number of chains".

Could you please show me what should I do next?

Thanks a lot.

Lyu Ke 

Lyu Ke, Ph.D. student
Structural Virology Unit
Institut Pasteur of Shanghai
Chinese Academy of Sciences
No.411 Hefei Road
Shanghai, 200025, P.R. China

Tel: +86-21-54920652

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