[Chimera-users] surface

Gesa Volkers gesa.volkers at gmx.de
Sun May 12 20:46:34 PDT 2013

Hi chimera users/developers,

I have a problem with a surface calculation from one monomer of a 
structure that I want to show. As you can see in this image


it looks like the surface calculation failed (?) because the surface is 
missing in the middle (note the chewed up structure of the surface). 
Most of the surface is smooth but for whatever reason not this part of 
the structure. I have played around with probeRadius, vertex density and 
zone and they all increase quality but do not add the missing surface 
part (I'm not even sure if zone is applicable to surfaces at all or only 
to electron density maps).

Any suggestions which parameter I am missing?

Thanks for suggestions,

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