[Chimera-users] 3 DAYS! autoPACK Visualization Challenge: HIV in Blood Plasma due March 18

Graham Johnson (qb3@UCSF) graham at grahamj.com
Fri Mar 15 03:34:41 PDT 2013

Autodesk unites with UCSF and TSRI to challenge you to explore the mysterious world of HIV in vivo. We will provide competitors with a cellPACK model of HIV in blood plasma and a powerful open source app,  called autoPACK. It is up to you to convey humanity's complex relationships with this virus,  be they emotional,  political,  or intellectual. We need your help to excite general audiences with visuals that will help us spread interest in the search for a cure.

We challenge you to use the animation tools available in Chimera, namely the new Animation GUI (Tools>Utilities>Animation), to create a movie and submit it to the challenge.

You may submit to any of the following categories:
• Open Video: (grand prize $2,500 cash) competing against professional animators who are 3 months in
• Open Image: (grand prize $1,500 cash) competing against professional artists who are 3 months in
• Newly opened, 3 day long, Molecular-Viewer-Only: ($250, 3D print of HIV model, and AMD graphics card) competing strictly against other Chimera or PMV users only.

Critical details on the following pages will help you get started immediately:
1) General challenge site: http://www.autopack.org/cellpackchallenge2012
2) Overview, installation, and animation instructions for Chimera-autoPACK: http://www.autopack.org/documentation/tutorials/molecular-viewers
3) Official autoPACK Visualization Challenge website to register and enter for free: http://autopack.cgsociety.org
4) Full prize details: http://autopack.cgsociety.org/autopack/prizes

Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

Graham Johnson PhD
qb3 at UCSF Fellow
UCSF Lab: http://mesoscope.org
Medical Illustration: http://grahamj.com

Enter the autoPACK Visualization Challenge!
Ends March 18 http://autopack.cgsociety.org

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