[Chimera-users] Feature Request

R.J. Swett rswett at chem.wayne.edu
Thu Jul 18 12:11:21 PDT 2013

Hey there,
I was wondering if you could enable movie encoding to .wmv in an 
upcoming build? I know ffmpeg supports that format, so hopefully it'd be 
an easy update. I usually have to re-encode videos, for some reason my 
new computer won't play most videos while using presenter-view with HDMI 
output. It's just a finicky little thing, but it'd make my life a lot 
easier. I've found a some other people with the same issue with 
HDMI-output only computers.

R.J. Swett
Wayne State University
357 Chemistry
Detroit, MI 48201

Lab Phone 313-577-0552
Cell Phone 906-235-0768

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