[Chimera-users] Problem with useSymmetry option in vop

David A Case case at biomaps.rutgers.edu
Wed Jul 3 05:28:40 PDT 2013

I'm trying to use the "vop cover" command to extend an electron density map
(read in in ccp4 format) to cover an atomic model.  The following command:

vop cover #0 atomBox #1:1-20 pad 2.0 useSymmetry true

results in the error:

Keyword 'useSymmetry' doesn't match any known keywords.  Can you see what I am
doing wrong?

Background: I know that the manual says that "true" is the default value for
useSymmetry, but the bold font in the usage statement suggests that "false"
might actually be the default.  If I leave out the "useSymmetry" keyword, the
results look like only unit cell periodicity is being used (i.e. looks like
useSymmetry is set to "false").  This is why I am trying the above command.

...thanks!....dave case

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