[Chimera-users] Using Select with multiscale models

Peter.Durr at csiro.au Peter.Durr at csiro.au
Wed Jan 23 22:11:08 PST 2013


I am using Chimera to try to visualise and then highlight the position of several amino acid mutations on a virus capsid.

I have managed to use the Multiscale module to build the capsid from a PDB file.

My next step is to select the residues of interest.

I am able to use the Select command to find the residue within the icosahedral asymmetric unit - e.g. "select #0:14.A"

However, when I apply the same command  to the modelled surfaces, it doesn't work.

More specifically when I run "select #1:14.A" at the command line - nothing happens - not even an error message.

However, I can hunt around in the modelled surfaces  on the screen and then use the mouse to interactively select the residue of interest - so Chimera seems to know which residues are which on the modelled surfaces.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on how to deal with this problem.

Peter Durr

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