[Chimera-users] How to install ?

pythonchemia Gazeta.pl pythonchemia at gazeta.pl
Thu Jan 10 11:30:55 PST 2013

Dear Chimera Team !

I intersted in chemistry. I use chimera 1.5 software for personal purposes,
non - commercial.
Chimera is a very usefull Tool. I like it :). I know Python language a
little. I'm beginner programmer.
I have Chimera 1.5 with Python IDLE v 2.7 and Windows XP and MinGW. My
website is pythonchemia.aq.pl
I have some questions:

1 - How to install pDynamo  library ? from
https://sites.google.com/site/pdynamomodeling/home for Chimera 1.5
automatically or manually ?

2 -  How to install OpenBabel  library ? from
openbabel.org/wiki/Main_Page for Chimera 1.5 automatically or manually

3 - How to install Biopython  library ? from
http://biopython.org/wiki/Main_Page  for Chimera 1.5 automatically or
manually ?

Please help me ! - I wait on answer.
Sorry for my english

Yours sincerely - Janusz Grabowski
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