[Chimera-users] Front End for NAMD?

Rudy J. Richardson rjrich at umich.edu
Sun Jan 6 07:47:29 PST 2013

To whom it may concern:

First, my profound thanks to the creators of Chimera for a superb research 
and teaching tool. I am especially grateful for the excellent interface 
with Modeller for doing such things as creating and optimizing loops to 
repair chain breaks in X-ray structures; this feature is greatly improved 
in v. 1.7rc.

I am also grateful that Chimera can be used to visualize results of MD 
simulations with, e.g., NAMD. However, in addition to viewing results, it 
would be great if Chimera could be developed to serve as an interactive 
GUI for setting up, running, and analyzing NAMD simulations, including 
steered MD, as well. There is a real need to make MD more accessible to a 
wider range of scientists, and it appears that Chimera could be an 
excellent platform for this. I realize that VMD has co-evolved with NAMD 
for this purpose, but VMD lacks the integration, polish, and intuitive 
ease of use of Chimera.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


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