[Chimera-users] Draw schemas with Chimera ?

Francois Berenger berenger at riken.jp
Tue Feb 19 16:21:07 PST 2013

On 02/19/2013 07:13 PM, Benjamin SCHWARZ wrote:
> Hi list,
> 	I wonder if it is possible to draw "simplified schemas", such as those that can be found in biology publications where a protein complex is represented by a superimposition of ellipses, each ellipse representing a different protein in the complex, and their 2D placement reflects their known interactions in the complex (cf, for instance http://www.erasmusmc.nl/proteomics1/files/PBAP.jpg).

The part with ellipsoids could easily be drawn with xfig on Linux.

> 	This question triggered several interrogations :
> 	1.) Is it possible in Chimera to draw 2D ellipses that would always reorient towards the screen as the scene rotates the same way the labels do
> 	2.) Is it possible to draw ellipsoids ?
> 	3.) Is it possible to save a picture in SVG format ?
> 	Thanks for your help, and thanks once more for the wonderful tool you provide us
>             --Ben
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