[Chimera-users] morph map and movie recording

Moumita Dutta dutta at bio.fsu.edu
Thu Apr 25 16:07:57 PDT 2013


I am trying to morph more than two maps at a time so I am using vop  
morph instead of Morph map. I am following the mini-video animation  
example script of vop morph using the recommended chimera 1.7 version  
2013. The script actually recorded the movie but in the movie  
threshold changed from what I set and it turned some maps to x 90  
degree not all and it is not showing the morph animation only the  
superimposed maps. Another problem is though I remove the dust after  
loading the maps but it came back in the morph and in the movie as well.

How can I fix the problems and generate the movie ?


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