[Chimera-users] morph map and molecule together

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Wed Apr 24 10:57:00 PDT 2013

Hi Moumita,

   You can morph both maps and molecules at the same time.  You use 
commands instead of the morphing dialogs in order to get them to play 
with perfect synchronization.  The basic plan is to create the molecule 
morph and the map morph using the dialogs as usual. Then load a simple 
command script that starts both playing at the same time and records the 
movie. I'm sure this works in Chimera 1.7, probably in 1.6, and maybe in 
1.5.  Here is an example command script morphing a filament map and fit 


and here's the resulting movie


and here is the web page where I explain how this was done


This was a demonstration I gave at the Bay Area Cryo EM meeting in Santa 
Cruz last summer.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: morph map
From: Moumita Dutta
To: goddard
Date: 4/23/13 10:16 PM
> Hi Tom,
> I want to morph a set of density maps and the atomic models fitted 
> into them together and run the two movies concurrently so that I get a 
> movie that shows how the density and the atomic models change 
> together. I have been able to make the two different sets of data 
> morph independently, but thought it more informative if they morphed 
> together.
> I was wondering whether this can be done using chimera ? If so which 
> version supports it ?
> Thanks,
> Moumita

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