[Chimera-users] Doubt

Víctor J. Gallardo López gallardovj at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 03:11:54 PDT 2013

Good Morning Mr./Ms.,

I have a bit problem with the molecular modeling. I have a dímer (the two
chains of this protein are the same sequence) and I want to put 34 residues
at the N-terminal in each chain. I load my fasta (with this residues
addition) in chimera and I blast a protein structure in the PDB that has
the same residues as my protein without this addition. When I modeller
(homology) my fasta, the programm only gives me one of the chain with this
addition but I need the whole protein (with the two chains and with this
residue addition for each chain as well). How  can I do it? I hope you
resolve my problems. Thanks you for you attention.


Víctor J. Gallardo
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