[Chimera-users] IDLE : code completion under MAC OS X

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Fri Apr 12 10:22:56 PDT 2013

Hi Ben,

   The Chimera programming documentation is limited.


The most useful section is probably the examples.  Also there is a page 
of example Python scripts on the developer site.


   Tab completion in the IDLE Python shell works for me on Mac 10.6 with 
Chimera 1.7.  For example

     import chimera

brings up the scrollable list of completions.  Arrow keys let me go 
through them and complete my typed text.  But clicking with the mouse on 
one of the completions does not cause it to complete my text and then 
the cursor disappears -- pretty dysfunctional.  Is this what you 
observe?  If not, maybe you should use Help / Report a Bug....   But it 
is very likely an IDLE bug not a Chimera bug.


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Subject: [Chimera-users] IDLE : code completion under MAC OS X
From: Benjamin SCHWARZ
To: UCSF Chimera Mailing List
Date: 4/12/13 4:38 AM
> Hello,
>      I started to develop simple python/chimera scripts. The manual is rather poor on these aspects (btw, is there a doxygen somewhere ?), and therefore the code completion in the chimera IDLE shell is particularly useful… Unfortunately, on my MAC (OS X), it appears to be messy : the TAB key triggers the usual "completion scrollable list window" on both my windows and linux (debian) machines, but not on my MAC. Note that I am still able to scroll through the "invisible" choices by pressing TAB and then using the up and down arrows, it is just that I cannot see the list, which is a bit annoying to have a clear view at once. I guess this has more something to do with the IDLE configuration than with chimera itself, but I don't know how to dig that up, so if you have any idea how to solve this I'd be pleased to read from it.
>      --Ben
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