[Chimera-users] Three suggestions

Antoine Maillard antoine.maillard at ibs.fr
Mon Apr 8 07:39:22 PDT 2013

Dear Chimera developpers,

Thank you so much for your work and your dedication!
Having used Chimera quiet intensively recently, I have listed a few 
suggestions for your consideration.

Suggestion #1:
Tools > Structure Editing > Change Chain IDs: lacks a "restrict to 
current selection" button (would allow to name various domains of a 
single protein)

Suggestion #2:
Named selections: - I did not find out how to edit them (even "suppress" 
would add flexibility and reliability).
                                  - The list is not refreshed as session 
is closed (Windows). Thus opening and closing sessions one after the 
other results in merging the "Named selections" of all sessions 
successively opened...

Suggestion #3:
The 'window-size memory' feature that was devised by Eric for the 
File>Open window would be of interest to most windows: model panel / 
matchmaker / match / etc... Could you make it a general feature of the 
various windows in the GUI? (It would also be a plus if the preferred 
location of any of these windows could be memorized as well.)

I trust your expert appreciation whether these suggestions are to be 
implemented sooner or later... or never :-(
Thank you for your consideration and for your help!


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