[Chimera-users] deleting entries from rapid access list (plain text format)

Boaz Shaanan bshaanan at exchange.bgu.ac.il
Mon Apr 1 15:11:22 PDT 2013

Hi Elaine,

Editing the preferences file is exactly what I'd like to avoid. I explained to Eric my rational (and perhaps of that of others too) for asking this feature. Below is my message to him. I think Eric can see now the point in doing this.


Hi Eric,

Thanks. The reason for this request is quite simple (and I guess that's what other people have in mind too). The rapid access is a wonderful feature, however, every 'open' action in Chimera gets recorded in the rapid access list (pdb, smiles, apbs files etc.). Quite often I open a pdb for inspection or something else and close the session after a short while, without doing too much work. I don't want to delete the pdb, nor do I want to save the session, and if I do save the short session I don't want to delete it since at this moment I don't know whether I'll continue to work on it in the future.  There are other examples of this kind. As a result, the rapid access list gets longer and longer which makes it quite tedious to look for the sessions that you really want to re-open and which have been executed a while ago. I hope I've made myself clear.


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Hi Boaz,
The hack is to remove (text-edit out) the recent files from your preferences file.  This requires care in not removing the wrong number of brackets and such.   Sometimes when I'm going to give a demo for a class, I prefer it not to show my previous files list, so I make a system command-line alias for starting Chimera that replaces my existing preferences file with a short preferences file lacking the file history, or with only the few demo files in it (and with any other preferences I want to have set for that demo) before starting up Chimera.

I guess this is for "brave" or "advanced" users only.  8-)
Elaine C. Meng, Ph.D.
UCSF Computer Graphics Lab (Chimera team) and Babbitt Lab
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On Apr 1, 2013, at 1:21 PM, Eric Pettersen wrote:

> On Mar 31, 2013, at 1:47 PM, Boaz Shaanan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there a way to delete entries from the rapid access list without having to edit the preferences file? If there isn't such a way, is it possible to request to add such feature?
> Hi Boaz,
>       So I guess you know that if you click on an entry where the file doesn't exist anymore that you will get a dialog giving the option to delete that entry, delete all non-existent entries, or do nothing?  I presume this doesn't meet your needs here for some reason -- i.e. that there are entries that do exist that you want to remove?  I guess I don't understand it, but other people have asked for the same thing so I will put you on the existing enhancement-request ticket for this and raise the priority of the ticket so that it will probably get done in the next month or three...
> --Eric

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