[Chimera-users] Chimera running on a remote computer over ssh >>>> use virtualgl to avoid graphics problems

Dieter Blaas dieter.blaas at meduniwien.ac.at
Tue Sep 18 08:47:24 PDT 2012

Those who encountered lots of problems with the graphics when running 
chimera remotely

for example you receive error messages like this one:

X Error of failed request:  GLXBadContextTag
              Major opcode of failed request:  153 (GLX)
              Minor opcode of failed request:  5 (X_GLXMakeCurrent)
              Serial number of failed request:  1352
              Current serial number in output stream:  1352

might be interested in the following solution:

1) install VirtualGL (http://www.virtualgl.org/) on both PCs
2) outcomment the indicated lines in the 'chimera' startup script
3) connect to the server by using 'vglconnect'
4) start chimera on the server with 'vglrun chimera'

that's it!

if [ -z "$nogui" ]
     case "`uname -s`" in
             # preload our C++ runtime to avoid
             # ATI graphics driver bug
             # LD_PRELOAD=libotf.so <<<<<<<<<
             # export LD_PRELOAD <<<<<<<<<
             if test -e "$CHIMERA/bin/python2.7"

in those cases where chimera works without this trick you might still 
see a substancial improvement in transmission speed!

Best, Dieter

Dieter Blaas,
Max F. Perutz Laboratories
Medical University of Vienna,
Inst. Med. Biochem., Vienna Biocenter (VBC),
Dr. Bohr Gasse 9/3,
A-1030 Vienna, Austria,
Tel: 0043 1 4277 61630,
Fax: 0043 1 4277 9616,
e-mail: dieter.blaas at meduniwien.ac.at

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