[Chimera-users] chimera utility help

Sotirios Katsamakas sotikats at pharm.auth.gr
Thu Sep 13 05:40:41 PDT 2012

Dear sir or madam,
I am a recent user of the chimera software on Linux-Ubuntu (11.10)  
operating system and I confronted a dead end on the following issue. I  
reconstructed a missing side chain of 25 amino acids in a PDB file but  
I cant seem to find how to set the secondary structure and so on for  
these 25 residues. So they are stuck in a linear formation externaly  
from my protein. For your consideration I am attaching also the PDB  
file. Thank you in advance and looking forward in hearing from you  
regarding my problem.

Best Regards,
Sotirios Katsamakas

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