[Chimera-users] Need help for using Chimera

A-A_lowie li lowieli at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 06:56:29 PDT 2012

Dear Sir:

        I am a new user of Chimera, but immediately attracted by this handy
software Chimera.

        Since my model requires a lot of computation time in energy
minimization, could you please how to set up the environment for parallel
computation of energy minimization in Chimera?

        On one website, it was said, MMTK ENERGY THREADS could be reset for
parallel computation.

        After installation of MMTK, I am confused on how to change
parameter in MMTK, and recompile Chimera (or change Chimera settings ).

       Could you please give me more details about how to set MMTK ENERGY
THREADS in Chimera?

       Sincerely thanks for your advice.


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