[Chimera-users] error in add chain ID

Hamzeh, Rahimi rahimi.hamzeh at partner.kit.edu
Thu Jun 7 12:51:10 PDT 2012

Dear Eric
I want rename_pdb_for_chimera.py for adding chain ID to pdb file but i got following erro. 

buksanbio at hamzeh:/media/6C166CAD166C7A4A/kit/zdock/apc10-apc3$ python rename_pdb_for_chimera.py 1 avgapc10final.pdb 
  File "rename_pdb_for_chimera.py", line 100
    there's a chain identifier in the "TER" line... (the condition len 
IndentationError: expected an indented block

Please let me know about my wrong
best wish

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