[Chimera-users] [chimera-dev] Rotating about an axis with mouse

Elaine Meng meng at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Jun 4 09:04:03 PDT 2012

Hi Patrick,
If I understand correctly, you can do what you want with "Constrained Move" (in menu under Tools... Movement):


(The purpose of "Movement Mouse Mode" is different, mainly to allow moving subparts of a model.  By default, mouse manipulation moves whole models.)

You can also specify center and axis of rotation if using commands (turn, roll).

I hope this helps,
Elaine C. Meng, Ph.D. 
UCSF Computer Graphics Lab (Chimera team) and Babbitt Lab
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of California, San Francisco

On Jun 4, 2012, at 6:28 AM, ladam wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a python script that allows me to rotate a residue in a molecule
> of a desired angle around a predefined vector.
> Now I'd like to be able to do this graphically with the mouse on a selected
> residue.
> I have almost found what I want if I use the 'Move selection' option in the
> 'Movement Mouse mode' but this does rotate around the center of Mass or
> geometric center, not around a vector.
> What I plan to do is derive the code from the corresponding /share/MoveSelection/move.py
> module and try to insert a vector instead of the center_of_rotation(self.movable_groups)
> but there is maybe a better, simpler idea.
> Any suggestion?
> Thanks a lot
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