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vamsee vamsee at chemistry.montana.edu
Mon Jul 16 22:36:48 PDT 2012


I am Vamseedhar Rayaprolu (Vamsee). I work with viruses and I am trying to
generate a movie using only a script and NO GUI. I use a viral protein from
the VIPERdb and hence it automatically generates a multimer (capsid) for
me. The underlying question is 2-fold. The model generated from a vdb file
is a pseudo-model and doesn't carry any co-ordinates for each of the
subunits. Therefore the whole model is numbered #modelnumber (#1 in this
case). The capsid has 60 subunits and when I mouse-over onto each of the
subunits, it shows me the model number and the sub-model number but when I
try to access the sub models through the command line, it selects #1 as a
whole and not the sub-model. I need to be able to select each sub-model
through the command line. Any ideas on this?

Next, I need to be able to show each sub-model in a ribbon form. Trying to
show the whole model (#1) in the ribbon form using a command doesn't work.
It works when done from the GUI though. I know if I can split the above
multimer into sub-models I should be able to use the ribbon command and get
what I need. But the split command doesn't work on the model as there are
not atomic co-ordinates (pseudo-model). Any suggestions on this?

Thank you

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