[Chimera-users] how2 select named selections using command-line [chimera1.5.3]

frederick lee fslee62 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 12:27:18 PST 2012

dear chimera users,
i can defined named selections and they work under the
select menu.

however, i canNOT use the command line to select them;
e.g., i have 4 named selections 0a,0b,1a,1b

dis 0a | 1a works
sel 1a NOT working
sel :1a NOT working (said selection cleared)

i like to be able to select multiple named selections and further
apply filters on them; e.g.,

"select 1a and 1b and atoms=side chain atoms"

how do i accomplish this? as always thank you very much.
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