[Chimera-users] Chimera output into Collada .dae file format

Chris Tomlinson ct at moonvine.org
Sat Jan 28 17:48:39 PST 2012


I've tried generating several Collada dae files via Meshlab from stl files exported from Chimera and consistently get:

The 3D file “benzene.dae” wasn’t added. 
The scene couldn’t be loaded.

I've tried very simple ones as above and more complex ones such as 1CRN.pdb with no success. 

I also tried generating an xsd file and then converting to dae via Meshlab and got the message:

The 3D file “2HHB.pdb.dae” wasn’t added. 
The files assets could not be consolidated

Perhaps the iBooks Author isn't ready to handle these sorts of files as of yet.


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