[Chimera-users] how to make rotation slabs smaller

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Wed Jan 25 13:22:16 PST 2012

There is currently no option to control the slab size for slabs made 
with "measure rotation #0 #1 showslabs true".  The size of the slab 
depends on the distance of the center of the bounding box of the first 
model (#0) to the rotation axis.  The slab passes through that center point.

You can edit Chimera file


changing the line

     e = 2       # Factor for enlarging square

to produce a smaller slab (e.g. e = 1) the restart Chimera.

I'll add a feature request to allow the measure rotation command to take 
a slab size option.


> Hello,
> I am trying to measure rotation using the "measure rotation showslabs 
> t" command in chimera which gives very large slabs.
> How can I make the slabs smaller ?
> Any help gratefully appreciated.
> Thanks

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