[Chimera-users] CC calculation

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Mon Jan 23 17:44:48 PST 2012

If the PDB (#1) is already fit to the map (#0) you could create a 
simulated map for the pdb then measure its correlation with the 
experimental map:

     molmap #1 12.5
     measure correlation #2 #1

The 12.5 in the molmap command is the resolution for the simulated map 
which should match the experimental map.  By default the correlation 
will be measured within the displayed contour level of the first map 
given in the command.

The commands are described in the Chimera User's Guide.



> Hi,
> Can anyone help me with calculating correlation coefficient from a 
> .pdb model to a .mrc map?
> Thank you!
> Qing

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