[Chimera-users] How to place a metal ion in protein model

Suneel N.A. leptolysin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 01:36:24 PST 2012

Its my pleasure to introduce myself, I am  Suneel, graduate student from
India. I am not a bioinformatician by profession but a eager aspirant of
learning bioinformatics. I am new to Chimera, but as I started using it,
 the desire for leraning Bioinformatics increased more and more. Chimera is
such an awesome tool packed with so many options. I love it . I have small
question for you.
I have a predicted the structure of protein using in silico tools (based on
homology modeling). Literature sates that this protein binds to Magnesium.
Now I would like to know if I can use chimera to place the metal in the
modeled structure and prove/validate it based on metal geometry.
Please do the needful.
Thanking you in anticipation
yours sincerely

*Suneel Narayanavari. A*
Graduate Student
Prof. Manjula Sritharan's Laboratory of Infection Biology
Department of Animal Sciences
School of  Life Sciences
University of Hyderabad
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