[Chimera-users] Disulfide bonds

Moritz Bitzhenner bitzhenner at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 4 07:12:47 PST 2012

Dear Chimera Users

I am fairly new to the program and I have a particular problem with the 
display of disulfide bonds. I have an amino acid sequence, I created a 
pdb-file with Expasys Swiss Model Workspace. I opened the pdb file with 
Chimera and coloured the ribbon structue (it looks amazing), I even did 
a movie of my rotating protein. But I cannot display the three disulfide 
Is my pdb file lacking the CONECT information? How can I include them? 
With Swiss PDB Viewer (Deepviewer) I can show the bonds, but somehow I 
cannot transfer the information to the pdb file and Chimera.
I also tried manually bonding the closest cysteins by selecting Cystein 
residues and "bond" in the command line. How do I select the two single 
atoms that I want to connect?
I read through former similar questions in the list server but nothing 
helped so far.
If you can find any time helping my case, it would be greatly appreciated.
With best regards from Germany, Moritz

Here is the AA sequence:


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