[Chimera-users] Measure contact between copies of the same map

Giovanni Cardone gcardone at ucsd.edu
Mon Apr 30 13:54:37 PDT 2012


I can use the tool measure contactArea on the surface models of two 
different maps, but I can not make it work when using it on two copies 
of the same map: no matter how much I move one map with respect to the 
other, the first surface listed in the command line will always be 
entirely colored in red (using offset 0). It looks like the command 
ignores the transformation.
Is this the expected behavior? I can work around it by resampling the 
maps after the transformation (vop  resample  # onGrid #), but I liked 
more the idea of doing the measure without this additional step.
Tested it with the latest alpha version 1.7 (build 36320).

Thank you,

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