[Chimera-users] How to save high resolution image?

Yogendra yogendra_rathore at imtech.res.in
Wed Apr 18 22:37:04 PDT 2012

Dear Sir,
I am a new user of Chimera software. I am using this software for academic
purposes (i.e. research publications). I am trying to save the image with more
then 600 dpi but every time i am ending up with an image of 96 dpi. I am using
the POV-Ray method for image improvement but everything is going to the drain
when taking the final print of the document. Can you please help me ho can i
save a high resolution image? I am briefly describing my protocol of image
1) I am making a density map of particular PDB file.
2) loading in the Chimera and adjusting the volume by volume viewer option
3) Coloring it using described colors
4) Using Pov-Ray for increasing effects on plane
5) Increasing the pixels to about 5000 in the pixel option
6) finally trying to save an image with 600 or 1200 dpi.

But at the end of this, i am just getting an image of 96 dpi every time. Can you
please help me out to make an image of higher dpi (600, 1200 or more if
It will be very much helpful for me if can do it. I am stuck at this point.I am
badly waiting for your reply whether i can do it or should i look for some
another software.


Yogendra S Rathore
Research Scholar

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