[Chimera-users] 2dlabels with solid background

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Mon Nov 21 11:13:34 PST 2011

Hi Gabe,

   One more tricky detail.  If you create a label with the 2dlabel 
dialog the name of the label for use with the 2dlabel command is 
label2d_id_0, label2d_id_1, label2d_id_2, ....  For example,

     2d change label2d_id_0 color pink


2d change label2d_id_0 color pink
> Hi Gabe,
>   Unfortunately there is no color key command.  Here's another 
> creative solution.  Make the label background be another label using 
> unicode squares.
>     2dlabels create b1 text '\u2588\u2588\u2588' color white xpos .5 
> ypos .7 size 64
> This uses the square unicode character, hexadecimal 2588.  This 
> solution has the advantage that you can fade out this background 
> together with the label.  In order for the text label to appear on top 
> of background label you have to create the text label after creating 
> the background.  I'd recommend making all the labels and backgrounds 
> interactive with the 2dlabel dialog and saving them in a session which 
> you use together with your movie script.   The script will show and 
> hide the labels that have already been made, sized, positioned.  You 
> can cut and paste the unicode square character, say from web page into 
> the 2dlabel dialog.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Box-drawing_characters
> This solution doesn't make it easy to make an outline around the 
> background box.  Elaine suggested that you just make another slightly 
> bigger background in the outline color.  That has the problem that the 
> vertical outline edges are thicker than the horizontal ones if the the 
> background is wider than it is tall.  To get uniform thickness outline 
> you could make two extra background boxes one square shorter than the 
> normal background and slide them horizontally them to get vertical 
> outline edges of equal thickness.
>     Tom
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> Subject: 2dlabels
> From: Gabriel Lander
> To: Tom Goddard
> Date: 11/19/11 6:59 PM
>> Hi Tom,
>> Again thanks for the volume tracer settings saver - it's been super helpful.
>> But now I have another question:
>> I'm currently making a movie that uses lots of labels, and for the most part the current 2dlabels create&  acreate commands work really well.  But for certain closeup views the text gets lost in the volume density, and I've been trying to figure out a way to get a box to show up behind the labels (like in the attached image).  I've figured out I can get something like this if I use the "color key" option, and then offset the text to fit inside the box, but I can't find a "color key" chimera command that I can put it into my movie script.
>> I tried using the "shape rectangle" command, but it's a bit too tedious to position the rectangles exactly right for all the labels.
>> Any ideas?
>> -gabe
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