[Chimera-users] Pseudobonds disappearing during morphing movie

Alan Cheung cheung at lmb.uni-muenchen.de
Thu May 12 08:54:41 PDT 2011

Hi there - i'm scripting a complex movie and am having problems with
pseudobonds during morphing.  Script is pasted at the end.

Part of the movie contains a morph between two structures, both of
which are missing the same amino acid segment.  Loading the two
structures show the pseudobond for the missing residues and the
resulting morph also contains the same pseudobond.

I've been changing the thickness of the pseudobond with :

setattr g lineWidth 8

and while the two static structures and the morph in the chimera
window have a thicker pseudobond, the resulting movie (encoded to
.mov) does not.  Am i doing something wrong?


p.s. incidentally, when morphing by script, if one includes "nogui
true" with the "morph movie" command, pseudobonds aren't kept in the
morph at all.  A bug?
p.p.s. can someone explain to me the difference between "setattr g"
and "setattr p"?  I've read the manual but i don't understand why only
the former seems to work for me.

## movie script

open model1.pdb
open model2.pdb
morph start #0 frames 50 name morph1 method linear
morph interpolate #1 name morph1
morph movie name morph1
coordset #2 1,1
setattr g lineWidth 8
~modeldisplay #

movie record supersample 3 directory ~/TEMP/
modeldisplay #2
coordset #2 1,51 ; wait 51
movie stop
movie encode output morph1.mov

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