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George Feldman george.f.feldman at gmail.com
Wed May 4 10:44:27 PDT 2011

Hello Chimera community,

I am rather new to Chimera, but in general familiar with PyMol. I switched
to Chimera for the added functionality and general "free-ness," and so far I
like it, but I'm having difficulty getting started. What I really need to do
is identify the solvent exposed (SAS) residues that are charged. In
particular I would like to identify exposed lysines, arginines, glutamic
acids, and aspartic acids. All I need to do is identify and count them, is
there a way to do this without slowly going over the entire molecular
surface? Please bear in mind that I am capable of typing in commands, but I
am no programmer. If it is too complex, I will simply, and sadly, have to do
it manually. My fear with the manual approach is that I will miss something
or miss-classify it. Your advise and help is greatly appreciated.

PS. I've tried to do Render by Attribute -> areaSAS, but that doesn't seem
to be working for me even after I tell it to calculate the surface. I'm not
sure what I'm doing wrong if this is the approach that I am supposed to be

Best regards,
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