[Chimera-users] Movie frames are blank

Gökhan Tolun gokhan_tolun at med.unc.edu
Thu Mar 17 13:30:38 PDT 2011

Dear all,


I am trying to create a very simple movie, but my movies turn out blank. I
am using the Spin Movie example script on


My movie seems to render, and the movie file is created, but when I open the
file and play it, it’s just a blank (all black) video. When I examined the
captured frames, they’re also all blank black frames. If I choose “Save
image”, it saves it just fine, so I guess the image capturing algorithm for
movies is different the one for saving the images.


This is on Windows 7 64-bit, Chimera 1.5.2, Intel Mobile 965 express Chipset
GPU (it’s a TabletPC, hence the GPU).


Any suggestions to fix this would be appreciated.


Thank you.


Gökhan Tolun, M.S., PhD.

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of North Carolina

450 West Dr., CB#7295, Room 11-119

Chapel Hill, NC, USA  27599


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