[Chimera-users] Chimera Question

graemeg at rci.rutgers.edu graemeg at rci.rutgers.edu
Mon Jan 24 13:25:38 PST 2011

Hello Chimera Feedback Team,

For clarity and conciseness, I will jump immediately to my issue.
I wish to import a CIF file of an inorganic crystal structure into the
Chimera Program so that I can selectively eliminate certain atoms, and
potentially create a video similar to one of the examples given on the
website with a rotation and zoom into the meat of the structure.
The file I import (.CIF) should have the proper symmetry group listed in
addition to the lattice parameters of a unit cell, but when I try to
generate a unit cell, the space group, cell size, and cell angles sections
are blank, and therefore no copies can be made.  Also, the viewing options
give a choice between part ball and stick, part full atom, and essentially
nothing else even with selecting the different presets.  I know I am not
working with PDB files but if there is anything in there that you could
help me with, I would greatly appreciate it.

Sincere Thanks,

Graeme Gardner
Graduate Assistant
Rutgers University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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