[Chimera-users] Togl patches?

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Wed Jan 5 16:49:08 PST 2011

Hi CY,

   You are welcome to use our Chimera Togl patches for Cocoa and 
NSOpenGL (the Mac Cocoa OpenGL API) under either the Togl license or the 
Chimera license.  I developed these patches but have not done the work 
to include them in the Togl SourceForge code repository.  They have only 
been used with Chimera and were developed to allow us to distribute a 
64-bit version of the Chimera application on Mac.  So Togl / Cocoa / 
NSOpenGL has only been tested in one application, problems can be 
expected, and I will not be able to provide support.


> Hi!  I recently learned that Chimera has produced some patches to the
> Togl widget that allow it to work with Cocoa based Tk:
> http://plato.cgl.ucsf.edu/trac/chimera/browser/trunk/foreign/Togl
> Are these updates available under Togl's current license or are they
> restricted by the Chimera license?
> Thanks,
> CY
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