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Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Feb 23 15:59:32 PST 2011

On Feb 23, 2011, at 7:58 AM, Bala subramanian wrote:

> Friends,
> I am using chimera version 1.5 (build 31401 downloaded on  
> 2010-09-16). I have opened two pdb files A and B. I also opened two  
> attribute files corresponding to A and B and colored the ribbon  
> based on the attribute. I want something like the following
>     A                    B
> Colorkey 1       Colorkey2
> My problem is creating the individual Colorkey. I chose model A (in  
> the Depiction-> render by attribute -> create color key ) and  
> created Colorkey1. When i did the same for model B and use my mouse  
> for colorkey2 creation. Colorkey1 is deleted and Colorkey2 is  
> created below the model B. Is it a bug.
> Precisely, if i hve to create two Colorkeys corresponding to two  
> different models, how can i do that ?

Chimera only supports one color key.

If the keys are for the same attribute, you can build a combined key  
"by hand" by adding additional color wells to the Color Key dialog and  
typing in the appropriate values and selecting the corresponding  
colors (click on a color well to bring up an editor for that well, or  
drag and drop colors from the Render by Attr dialog).

If the keys are for different attributes then the only suggestion I  
have is to make two half-width or half-height images to be displayed  
together, each with one key.  This assumes that there is some  
separation between your two models.  Or use Photoshop to place a key  
(possibly cut from another Chimera image).



                         Eric Pettersen
                         UCSF Computer Graphics Lab

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