[Chimera-users] need coordinates from volume data

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Wed Feb 16 13:56:23 PST 2011

Hi Terry,

   I've attached some example Python code to find the (x,y,z) 
coordinates of volume grid points.  The output  after opening this file 
in Chimera (shown in the Reply Log (menu Favorites / Reply Log) looks like

read map 1a0m.omap
data size 91 95 82
xyz for index 15 7 13 is 2.96 -7.4 -1.46875
data value at ijk 15 7 13 is -0.381388

I put this example on the Chimera Python scripts page as readvol.py.



> Hey Everyone,
>           I'm am trying to do some unorthodox analysis of volume data
> using a script.  As part of the analysis, I need to access the x,y,z
> coordinates of each of the points of a ccp4 map.  How would I go about
> that in Chimera scripting once the data is read in?
> Thanks,
> Terry

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