[Chimera-users] Question

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Wed Feb 16 13:03:02 PST 2011

Hi Larry,

   Maybe an easier route is to write you Zeiss images in TIFF or PNG 
format and read those into Chimera (selecting a series of 2d images in 
the open dialog opens them as a stack).  Then you could write out an MRC 
file from Chimera if you wanted that (volume dialog / File / Save map 


> Is there a program to convert Zeiss "zvi" files which are obtained 
> using a Zeiss fluorescence microscope to "MRC" files (Eman files - 
> cryoelectronmicrosopy single particle reconstructions)? I would like 
> to be able to visualize these 3D files using Chimera.
> Thanks.
> Larry

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