[Chimera-users] Chimera 1.53 64bit and 12-16-2011 alpha both segmentation fault

Starr Hazard hazards at musc.edu
Fri Dec 16 13:13:03 PST 2011


I have a chimera 1.41 running on an oldercluster head node with RHEL 4 
something so its been a while since I did this procedure....

I have a newer cluster based on RHEL 6.1.
When I try to launch either 1.5.3 or the alpha daily build I see the 
initial chimera banner but then only a text message reporting 
segmentation fault.
Should these chimera's crash due to the fact that they are RHEL 5 
compatible or is it something in my X11 setup?

Will there be a log file anywhere that  would provide clues? Where would 
that file be located?



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