[Chimera-users] Simple distance to .txt scripting question

Andrew Hagen arhagen at berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 9 17:35:35 PST 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to write a script that opens a set of .pdbs, measures the
distances between certain atoms, and then writes the distance to a text
file for later analysis.  It's easy enough to do something like...

>>> runCommand("distance #0:519.A at NZ #:1.Y at O4")

...which executes the command and appends the info to the reply log
("Distance between #0 LYS 519.A NZ and #5 X01 1.Y O4: 2.33").  What I'd
like to do is have that actual measured distance (2.33) be stored in a
variable that I could then write to a text file (I know how to do this bit).

Thanks for any thoughts!


Andrew Hagen
PhD candidate - Plant and Microbial Biology
UC Berkeley - Keasling group
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