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Hello Tom,

Thanks for the answer... 
It is a nice alternative. Although, it's kind of more difficult to manually translate a precise amount of nm. Is there a way, like with the "plane" option, to control precisely the width and the translation of the subregion box? Maybe through a command line, but I have found it... 

Thanks again for the help,


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                        Hi Nicolas,
        To show an oblique slice of a map you can use the volume dialog      "subregion selection" panel.  The "planes" panel can only display      slices perpendicular to the volume axes as you found.  There's a      video showing how to show the oblique slice on the Chimera video      tutorial web page
      The Chimera volume guide has a text description of the procedure.
        I'm using the "Feature >> Plane" options of the "Volume        viewer tool" to show contour lines in planes of density maps. For        the plane, there are 3 options: "X-axis", "Y-axis", and "Z-axis".        The plane I'm interested in is none of those. I try to rotate the        maps, but the X, Y and Z axis are also rotating... Do you know if        there's a way to rotate the "axis" and the "map" independently,        please?
        Thanks in advance,
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