[Chimera-users] Surface point types in WriteDMS

Ken Shimo shimo.ken at usp.br
Thu Aug 11 10:53:37 PDT 2011


When I use WriteDMS, a surface point is defined by the 7th field, which
should start in 'S'. In the format definition, next to it, should be an 'S',
for saddle, 'C', for contact, 'R', for reentrant, that defines de surface
type. But in Chimera's WriteDMS the surface points are always set as 'C'
(contact). How can I create a DMS file with the correct surface types?

I'm thankful for any help,

Helder Ken Shimo

BSc in Biomedical Informatics (University of São Paulo - Brazil)
MSc candidate in Bioinformatics (University of São Paulo - Brazil)

"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead." (Neil Patrick
Harris as Barney Stinson)
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