[Chimera-users] saving images on Windows

Alex Shkumatov ashkumat at embl-hamburg.de
Mon Aug 8 07:38:59 PDT 2011

Dear Chimera-developers

We noticed a problem with saving images using Chimera, namely, when
one saves image under Windows (see attached file), there is a visible
grid present on the beads. This does not happen when one uses linux 

On windows I am using version 1.5.3 (build 33475). On linux i have 1.5 


Alexander V. Shkumatov, Ph.D.
Biological Small Angle Scattering Group
EMBL Hamburg Outstation c/o DESY                 tel: +49 40 89902 178
Building 25A Notkestraße 85                      fax: +49 40 89902 149
22603 Hamburg, Germany                 email: ashkumat at embl-hamburg.de

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