[Chimera-users] PDBFILE statistics

Alex Shkumatov ashkumat at embl-hamburg.de
Thu Aug 4 09:39:09 PDT 2011

Hi Elaine

That perfectly answers my question. Is there also a way to do selection 
such as
select 0 AND not all waters AND not rotamers.

Thank you for reply!

On 04.08.2011 18:14, Elaine Meng wrote:
> You could make a selection with commands, for example
> select O
> ...would select all oxygens
> select protein
> ...would select all protein
> select :trp
> ... would select all tryptophan residues
> or with the menu, for example
> Select... Chemistry... element... O
> Select... Structure... protein
> Select... Residue... TRP
> Then after something is selected, you could see contents of the selection (how many atoms and residues) by clicking the green  magnifying glass near the bottom right corner of the Chimera window, or write a list of the selected atoms or residues to a file or to the Reply Log (Actions... Write List).   The status line also reports the number of selected atoms, temporarily.

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