[Chimera-users] transparent background

Greg Couch gregc at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Sep 15 10:24:30 PDT 2010

On 09/15/2010 08:23 AM, Jon N. Rumbley wrote:
> I have consistently used the transparent background in chimera in the 
> past. I have upgraded my system to Windows 7 and installed both 
> Chimera 1.4.1 and the daily build from 9/8/2010. When I try to set the 
> transparency to true I get the following:
> Unable to turn on background transparency.
> Graphics hardware supports request, but can not switch while 
> maintaining display data.
> Is there a simple solution for this?

Whether background transparency is available or not depends on whether 
the graphics driver supports it or not.  My guess is that you haven't 
installed the graphics driver for your graphics card yet.  I believe 
that if you run Windows Update, a graphics driver for your card will 
available as an optional package to install.  But instead, I recommend 
to go directly to the vendor's website and download and install the 
latest driver.

     Good luck,

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